Plastic & Rubber Testing

We provide Service of Plastic and Rubber Ttesting and our setup situated at Aurangabad, Maharashtra INDIA

Plastic and rubber testing involves a variety of techniques used to evaluate the mechanical, physical, and chemical properties of plastic and rubber materials. The purpose of these tests is to ensure that the materials meet specific standards and requirements for various applications, such as automotive, construction, and medical devices.

Some common plastic and rubber testing techniques include:

Tensile Testing : This test measures the strength and elasticity of a material by pulling it to failure under controlled conditions.

Compression Testing : This test measures the ability of a material to withstand compressive loads, such as those encountered in a press or a bearing.

Hardness Testing : This test measures the resistance of a material to indentation, which can be an indicator of its strength and durability.

Grade identification of plastic or Rubber by FTIR Spectroscopy : FTIR is a powerful qualitative analysis tool. When a plastic or Rubber absorbs IR radiation, the resulting signal is a spectrum that represents its molecular “fingerprint”. Different plastic samples produce different fingerprints that enable plastic or Rubber identification.

Thermal Analysis : It included testing of melt flow index, softening point of plastic.

Chemical Resistance Testing : This test measures the ability of a material to withstand exposure to various chemicals, oil and solvents, which is important for applications in industries such as pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

Ash Content In Rubber or Filler Content In Plastic : Ash is detrimental to performance of Rubber and different type filler such as Talc or Glass added in plastic for its reinforcement & strength.

Overall, plastic and rubber testing is an important part of materials engineering and quality control, and can help ensure that these materials meet the specific requirements and standards for their intended applications.

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