Induction Hardening

We provide Service of Induction hardening and our setup situated at Aurangabad, Maharashtra INDIA

Induction hardening is a heat treatment process used to harden the surface of metal parts, typically steel. The process involves the use of high-frequency electromagnetic waves to rapidly heat the surface of the part, followed by rapid cooling to produce a hard, wear-resistant surface layer.

The process of induction hardening involves several steps. First, the metal part is placed into an induction heating coil, which generates a rapidly alternating magnetic field. This field induces eddy currents in the surface layer of the metal part, rapidly heating it to a temperature above the austenitizing temperature, typically between 800 and 1000 degrees Celsius.

The part is then quenched, usually by spraying water or another quenching medium onto the surface of the part, causing it to rapidly cool. The result is a hard, wear-resistant surface layer that can be several millimeters thick, while the core of the part remains relatively unaffected.

Induction hardening is commonly used to harden the surface of components such as gears, shafts, and other parts that undergo heavy wear and need to resist deformation and wear. The process can be applied to a variety of steels, including carbon steels, alloy steels, and tool steels. The advantages of induction hardening over traditional hardening processes include fast cycle times, precise control over the depth of hardening, and minimal distortion of the part.

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