Macro-analysis Cum Measurement Of Grain Flow Structure

We provide Service of Macro-analysis cum measurement of grain flow structure and our setup situated at Aurangabad, Maharashtra INDIA

Macro-analysis cum measurement of grain flow structure is a technique used to analyze the grain flow structure of a forged metal component. Grain flow refers to the orientation and arrangement of the metal grains in the component, which can affect its mechanical properties and performance. Macro-analysis cum measurement typically involves cutting a cross-section of the component and polishing it to prepare it by hot acid picking for macroscopic analysis. A microscope with a low magnification is then used to examine the grain flow structure of the metal. This analysis can provide information about the size, shape, and orientation of the grains, as well as any defects or irregularities in the grain flow structure.

In addition to visual inspection, macro-analysis cum measurement may also involve analysis of welded joint to check the weld penetration, weld angle, throat size, blowhole, pin holes, in weld joint etc.

Overall, macro-analysis cum measurement of grain flow structure is an important technique for materials analysis and component design in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing. It can provide valuable insights into the microstructure and mechanical properties of metal components, and help to improve their performance and durability.

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