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  • Bend Test, Chemical Analysis, Hardness Testing, Surface Crack Detection
  • Bend Test, Chemical Analysis, Hardness Testing, Surface Crack Detection
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Details of Testing Equipments::

Optical emission spectrometer (OES): Spectro Analytical, Germany make for ferrous alloy (Low alloy steel, cast iron, stainless steel, tool steel) aluminum & its alloy and copper & its alloys. It is having small sample attachment ( 6 mm dia min. sample can be tested) A adequate certified reference standard sample is available for calibration.
Universal Testing Machine (UTM): It is FIE make having 40 tonne capacity and it is computerized one and a online graph get plotted on screen during testing. An extensometer is also available to find (0.2/0.5/1.0%) proof stress.
Micro Hardness Tester: A Mitutoyo, Japan make and it is having 10 gm to 1.0 kg load. It is used to check Vickers hardness upto 1 kg load, effective case depth by hardness traverse method.
Rockwell cum Brinell Hardness Tester: Saroj Engg make to be used for mainly for Rockwell scale HRC/HRB/HRA etc and Brinell hardness testing. A separate fixture has been developed to check diameter of impression of Brinell Hardness Testing.
Rockwell Superficial hardness Tester: Saroj Engg make to be used for superficial Rockwell scale such as HR-15N, HR-30N, HR-15T, HT-30T etc.
Magnetic Crack Detector: Magnafield make used to check surface and sub surface cracks.
Inverted Metallurgical Microscope: Zeiss, Germany make and having 100, 500 and 1000X magnification with image capturing and analysis option with using Metallography India Make image analyser software.
Stereoscope: It is customized technology make used to capture the image and can check all the possible dimensions. Magnification available is 13 and 71X. It is used for visual Inspection cum measurement.
Impact Tester: It is Fasane make having 320 Joules capacity. It is used to check impact strength in charpy as well as izod method.
Dynamic Portable Hardness Tester: It is Fasane make and used to check hardness of bigger parts which is not possible by conventional method.
Sample Preparation Machines: cutting, polishing, lapping, hot moulding, lathe machine, power hack-saw machine, muffle furnace, oven etc. Auto Polishing and Auto hot mounting press is also available.
Brinell hardness Tester-3000D: Saroj Engg. make to be used for Brinell Hardness Test using different loads such as 250, 750, 3000 Kgs Load etc and different indenter dia such as 2.5, 5.0, 10.00 mm etc.
Zwick make Micro Hardness Tester: It is Zwick-Roell make Micro Hardness Tester which is used to check hardness in Vickers upto 1 Kg load and also case depth by hardness traverse method.

Shimadzu, Japan make Fourier Transform Infra Red (FTIR) Spectrophotometer "IRAffinity-1SWL" : It is used for mainly for identification of Plastic/Rubber/Chemical/ Liquid etc. It covers the full Infra Red Range from 7800 cm-1 to 350 cm-1. A spectrum using infra red rays is generated from the unknown sample and the spectrum is compared with the spectrum of master sample from the library in which most of the plastic/rubber sample spectrum is included.The instrument can identify Nylon 6 or Nylon 6_6 material, Homo polymer or Co-polymer etc. It also indicates the contamination in the sample.


  At M-142 Unit

Sealed Quench Furnaces Set Up: They are 650 Kgs capacity; Triad make straight through furnace fully automatic having PLC control, SCADA system. The set up consists of 5 nos of SQF Furnace, 7 nos of tempering Furnace, 2 nos washer, conveyors, loading /unloading trolleys, scissor lifter.

There are 2 nos SQF of 1400 Kgs capacity : Hicarb Engg make. The set up consists of 2 nos of SQF Furnace, 3 nos of tempering Furnace, 1 no washer, conveyors, loading /unloading trolleys, scissor lifter.
They are having all possible failure allram / alerts. Six nos SQFs are having hot oil quenching option and One no. SQF is having cold oil quenching option and also Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) agitator in all the SQFs. All SQF furnace set up is compatible to CQI-9 Standard.
Rotary Retort Furnace: It is simplicity make having octagonal shape retort and having 250 kgs batch capacity. It is having cold oil quenching option.
Testing Facility: Mitutoyo make micro hardness tester with case depth measurement software, Rockwell cum Brinell hardness tester, Vernier Caliper, Superficial Rockwell Hardness Tester, Zeiss make microscope with image analyzer and cutting/polishing/lapping machine.
Fabrication Facility: We have our own fabrication section to make & repair various Stainless Steel fixtures so development of new item is possible in less time.
D.G.Sets : There are 2 nos 250 KVA Caterpillar make generator to overcome the power failure.
Induction Hardening Machine: It is a Inductotherm make; 40 KW capacity machine and having variable frequency from 50 Hz to 200 KHz. It is having Fanuc make numeric control and having a double station vertical scanning up to 700 mm length.
Vibrofinshing Machine: It is Gala Precision make. It is used to make surface brighter after heat treatment. It is mostly used for sheet metal press parts which are carbo-nitrided. There is no possibility that press parts gets distortion during surface cleaning.
At B-70 Unit.
Vacuum Hardening Furnace: It is Lakshmi make 600kgs Horizontal type with Front loading Vacuum Furnace. The Charge volume is 600(W)x900(L)x600(H). The max. temperature can be attained is 1300 degree Centigrade and the Vacuum Level can be attained is 5 x 10 e-2 mbar. The quenching is in Pure Nitrogen at 12 bar max. Pressure and quench gas nozzle are 360 degree throughout with VFD drive 180KW cooling fan.
Pit Type Furnace set Up: It is QTE make consists of pit type carburizing; 250 Kgs capacity, 2 nos tempering furnace, washer and over head hoist crane.
Shaker Hearth Furnace: There are 2 nos of Shaker Hearth Furnace and both are QTE make having 80 Kg/hour production rate. They are having three zones with three different transformers. They are used for through hardening and tempering.
D.G.Set : It is 160 KVA Powerica make acoustic, Cummins make Engine & Stamford alternator.